"…in every possible theory of colors -and here again we go theoretical- blue is the color of separation, of despair, of loneliness, and it goes from Goethe, to the Iranian Sufis, to the Japanese theories. But I don’t care about theories. Berlin is a town in which many things are blue, or many things are yellow. And this blue-yellow contrast is the contrast between the two apartments that the wife inhabits in a film. She lives in a blue one, in which there is separation. and she lives in a yellow one, in which she recreates something which is for her, like hope and future and whatever it is. So it came naturally looking at the town, looking at the place where we were shooting."

-Andrzej Zulawski 


endless list of horror films - Stephen King’s IT (1990)


You just have to fight for yourself; no one’s going to save you.

Battle Royale (2000)


31 Horror Films in October: Black Christmas (1974)

Filthy Billy, I know what you did nasty Billy!

Carrie (1976) 

You’re gonna die up there.

Horrortober: #20 | You’re Next (2011)
Who would do this?

The Shining (1980)

Favourite Movies: Sunshine, (2007)  

"At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains.Then the moment will pass. Man will be gone.There will be nothing to show that we were ever here…but stardust."